Apprentices appreciated with cake and contests

November 2, 2023
Apprentices appreciated with cake and contests

Wednesday 70 apprentices from Femern Link Contractors (FLC) for Femern A/S participated in the second Apprentice Day of 2023. This time they gathered at Maribo Hallerne on Lolland for a fun day of games. 

Cheered on by their teammates, they wriggled their way out of dodgeball, formed words in a daring balancing act, shot both frisbees and bowling balls, and rode on hobby horses with such grace and dedication as if they were participating in the Olympics. 

The teams also proved that FLC apprentices are not only highly skilled horizontal builders. One team constructed a tower with an impressive height of more than three meters … with spaghetti as the only building material.

Femern A/S is very happy to see so many apprentices join the project. You represent a whole new way of thinking apprentices into the context of big building projects. So, you are a significant value to us, Jesper Bille from Femern A/S told the participants while presenting the Femern Project cakes.

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