Ready for the first link

April 12, 2024
Ready for the first link

A month ago, the first 100 meters of the Fehmernbelt Tunnel was fully cast on land at the tunnel portal in Rødbyhavn.

Since then, FLC has been working day and night in an ambitious attempt to make this first cast segment ready for the next step.

The segment needed to be equipped with a very large “plug”. The “plug” is made of five enormous bulkheads (heavy doubled steel doors) put in every tunnel tube. They ensure that the segment is sealed and kept dry inside.

On top of – and on the sides of the segment, FLC built a very large dike to ensure that the tunnel portal is kept dry in the future, even when storms and wild weather conditions are raging. In front of the segment, FLC made a bed with gravel and stones for the first element to lie upon, as the vessels doing this task in Fehmernbelt, cannot go into the shallow waters in front of the dike.

With time to spare, FLC completed all of these tasks and handed over the first segment on land to the forces of water, when it was flooded under very controlled conditions.

The segment is now submerged and ready to welcome the rest of the tunnel. We will continue on new endeavours in our goal to complete the World’s longest immersed tunnel.

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