Femern Link Contractors

Building the world’s longest immersed tunnel

Femern Link Contractors

Femern Link Contractors, FLC, is the Joint Venture in charge of the Design & Construction of the immersed tunnel (Tunnel North Contract & Tunnel South Contract), the tunnel portals and ramps (Tunnel Portal and Ramps Contract) in the frame of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link.

Our Joint Venture is constituted of international civil works companies with expertise in major infrastructure projects:

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Length of the tunnel

0 km

About the Femern tunnel

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link will consist of a motorway and rail connection, including an 18 km long immersed tunnel.

It will be the world’s longest immersed tunnel and the longest tunnel for both road and rail traffic.

For more information about the project, please refer to Femern A/S.

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Take part in the construction of Europe’s largest infrastructure project.

The dedication and expertise of our team members is the key to our success. We are actively searching for competent professionals, enthusiastic apprentices, and motivated interns.

Join us and be part of our team. We embrace diversity. We strive for excellence.

Image by Femern A/S