Easter is an important holiday for many

March 26, 2024
Easter is an important holiday for many

In FLC Village the upcoming holidays were celebrated all week with Easter activities. Every morning, the Easter Bunny had been hopping around FLC Village facilities to plant little eggs for the inhabitants to find. And so, the game was on!

If eggs were found, they could be exchanged for a sweet prize in the FLC Village reception.

Not only the winners of the Easter Hunt got a sweet surprise. Thursday evening, FLC for Femern A/S served the traditional Polish Easter cake “Mazurek” at dinner.

Everyone enjoyed the sweet, layered, short pastry as a reminder that the fast is over, and the celebrations of Easter can commence.

In total 1.500 pieces of “Mazurek” were served at the FLC Canteens.

FLC wishes everyone a sweet and happy Easter days.

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