Concrete can bring people together

March 15, 2024
Concrete can bring people together

For a whole week, FLC for Femern A/S concrete apprentice Kian Petersen left the construction site of the Fehmern Project to participate in “Camp Faglig Stolt” at EUC Sealand EUC Sjælland.

Kian was chosen to participate with other skilled apprentices from all over the Sjælland region. So, he was looking forward to learning more about his trade and be inspired by his fellow peers.

I hope I can learn more about designing and doing the drawings for concrete molds. That would in fact help me, when I’m doing my exams next year, Kian said.

Friday, the on-site concreter training coordinator Kristoffer Melhede and FLC apprentice coordinator Jane Petersen took all the FLC concrete apprentices to visit “Camp Faglig Stolt” and see what Kian had been up to all week. They were thoroughly impressed.

Kian and his teammates from the camp had designed and constructed a “conversation bench” made for socializing and bringing people together just as their trade brought them together during the week.

Now, the young apprentice is back at the construction site in Rødbyhavn, where he can use his newly acquired knowledge on his path to becoming a fully educated concrete designer in 2025 

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