The Fehmarnbelt fixed link

The project

This comprehensive construction project involves the creation of the world’s longest immersed tunnel, spanning 18 kilometres to connect Rødbyhavn in Denmark to the island of Fehmarn in Germany.

Beyond the immersed tunnel itself, the Fehmarnbelt connection also includes onshore facilities on both the Danish and German sides.

The factory

  • The tunnel requires 360,000 tonnes of rebar and 3.2 million cubic meters of concrete, with 2 million cubic meters of sand needed for concrete casting alone.
  • The tunnel factory covers an area of about 1 million square meters.
  • At the factory, the 79 single elements and 10 special elements of the tunnel are being cast.

The harbour 

  • The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel project features an impressive working harbour spanning 500,000 m².
  • It has a sailing depth of 10.3 meters.
  • The port will receive up to 80,000 tons of materials per week during the construction phase.

The portal and ramps

  • The finished tunnel will have a two-lane motorway in each direction and two electrified railway tracks, allowing for fast travel between Denmark and Germany.
  • In just ten minutes, cars will be able to cross the immersed tunnel, while trains will only take seven minutes.
  • The tunnel is set to be completed in 2029.