Tried to escape the lack of water

September 29, 2023
Tried to escape the lack of water

Today marks the end of the “FLC Environmental Week” focused on water. Combined with activities on the construction sites colleagues tackled the Escape Room Challenge – Environment Edition.

The level of concentration was tangible in the meeting rooms at FLC’s offices in Rødbyhavn as several teams from Femern Link Contractors (FLC) and Femern A/S tried out a new Environmental Escape Challenge.

“This is the first year we’ve tried the Escape Room Challenge. It allows us to communicate the message of preserving our water supplies in a fun and challenging way”, “Dr. Aqua”, better known as Environmental Engineer at FLC Astrid Drevard, said.

The quest of the challenge was to help the construction business preserve and save water which is becoming a scarce resource Worldwide. Dr. Aqua gave each team a string of mind-boggling problems to solve to get the codes that would unlock the next level in the game. Pencils were bitten and heads were scratched each time Dr. Aqua presented the teams with a new challenge.

After tense discussions and concentrated calculations, the teams broke into celebratory cheers when another solution was accepted by the doctor.

In just one hour team members from all areas of the project managed to solve the mysteries and unlock the final code that would save the water reserves of the world and so enabling the building of large, impressive and challenging projects like the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link. 

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