Safe and Sorted Site: Volunteers in search of abandoned materials

July 3, 2023
Safe and Sorted Site: Volunteers in search of abandoned materials

On Friday, June 23, a team of about 40 FLC employees put their normal jobs on standby for 3 hours. Due to the event Safe and Sorted Site, they had volunteered to collect abandoned materials left behind in the common areas of the three production halls and the recently erected cut and bend factory. Materials such as small pieces of wood or plastic, pallets, iron/metal, and empty plastic containers.

The purpose of the Safe and Sorted Site-event was to enhance the safety at the construction site while also considering the environment by training waste sorting.

The Safe and Sorted Site team managed to collect 3.5 tons of abandoned materials which they subsequently sorted into the correct waste fractions at the main container station – after having received a short but efficient “waste sorting course” by FLC’s Waste Management Consultant, Susana Toro Zapata. Like all other waste from the Fehmarn project construction site, the abandoned materials were sorted into categories to be processed for recycling in new products.

“Loose materials, even a small piece of wood or plastic, can cause tripping accidents or other types of accidents at the construction site. Furthermore, we want to avoid materials such as pieces of plastic ending up in nature or in the ocean as microplastic,” Kjartan Butzbach FLC’s Environmental Manager explains.

According to Kjartan Butzbach, the commitment and effort of the volunteer Safe and Sorted group cannot be underestimated:

“The Safe and Sorted Site event took place during normal working hours, thereby raising awareness in general about how to handle waste materials at the construction site.”

It was FLC’s second but for sure not our last Safe and Sorted Site-event.

THANK YOU to the dedicated volunteers for making the construction site safer and more environmentally friendly.