Ready to cast the first tunnel element

June 30, 2023
Ready to cast the first tunnel element

Today we are celebrating a huge milestone on the Fehmarnbelt project; our Standard Element Team (STE Team) has initiated the casting of the very first tunnel element. A process which took place in our newly designed and built production factory in Rødbyhavn.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will be built of 79 elements, each of which consists of 9 segments that are 24 meters long. The casting process of one segment takes approximately 36 hours, and the first tunnel element will be completed within the next couple of months.

Thank you to the dedicated team who have spent years planning, calculating, and testing over and over again to prepare for this day. And thank you to all the workers who will today embark on the journey of casting the tunnel elements for the world’s longest immersed tunnel for Femern A/S.

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