Get a feeling of one of Europe’s biggest projects

February 26, 2024
Get a feeling of one of Europe’s biggest projects

Yesterday, the National Danish TV DR – Danmarks Radio presented an astonishing story about the Fehmern Project. The News Program “21 Søndag” visited our construction site last week.

In the reportage “Tunnel View”, Danish television viewers could begin to understand the scale of this historic project being done by Femern Link Contractors for Femern A/S.

CEO at Femern A/S Henrik Vincentsen gave a sneak peek inside a fully casted tunnel element with two tubes for motorway lanes, two tubes for trains, and a tube for technical installations.

When the tunnel opens, we can all travel through these impressive building works and feel the grandeur of it.

Get all the mind-boggling facts from our construction site and see for yourself how it will look, the day Germany and Denmark are mere moments apart.