FLC Village Event by Dansk Firmaidræt, BAT Kartel, and FLC

October 10, 2023
FLC Village Event by Dansk Firmaidræt, BAT Kartel, and FLC

For some, Sunday is a sleepy day, but this was not the case on Sunday 8 October in the FLC Village in Rødbyhavn where workers for the Fehmarnbelt Project are residing. On Sunday it was time for fun and games, as DanskFirmaidræt visited the village with a variety of different games.

When the first participants threw themselves into the ladder golf competition, other colleagues came out of their rooms to see what the commotion was all about.

Soon the competition was fierce at the temporary hockey field too. Several teams showcased their strength in the rope-pulling contest, others tested their collaboration skills in an exercise where a pole with a glass of water on top was to be transported without spilling a drop.

On the interactive playfield, two competing teams were to hit particular cones when they lit up in the team colour. That game got the pulse going and the team members sprinted around the field as fast as they could.

Everywhere the game participants and the many spectators were laughing, cheering and HighFive’ing. We look forward to doing this again. Thanks to all participants and the organizers DanskFirmaiidræt and BAT.