Environment Week at the Femern Project

September 26, 2022
Environment Week at the Femern Project

Waste is a valuable resource that we have a duty to preserve so that it can be included in circular production. FLC focused on this throughout week 38, which is Environment Week at Femernlinkcontractors

During FLC’s Environment Week, we held workshops and handed out prizes to motivate employees to sort all types of waste on the construction site itself. When the waste is sorted on the construction site, it increases the possibility of reusing it in new products.
And we are already well on our way.

In 2022, 250 tons of iron, steel, aluminum, food waste, plastic, and other waste have been sorted to be processed for recycling in new products. It has been possible to sort almost 90 percent of the total amount of waste, which can be converted into a CO2 saving from January to August of 660,000 kg of CO2.

Thanks to our skilled colleagues who sort waste every day for the benefit of both the climate and the environment!

Happy recipients of one of the prizes that were handed out every day during Environment Week. Team Leader Charalampos “Babis” Charalampidis, Environment Manager Kjartan Butzbach, Ambroise Rousselle and Niek Huppes.

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