A big step in a big build

September 22, 2023
A big step in a big build

The building of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel took another big step on September 21.

Early Tuesday morning on September 21. The joint Venture, Femern Link Contractors (FLC), turned on the large pumps that will fill the three large basins by the tunnel factory at Rødbyhavn with water.

The Fehmarnbelt project has the largest build site in Northern Europe and filling the basins is part of an elaborate plan that must be completed before the big tunnel elements can begin their disembarkment.

The basins are gradually filled with water in a very closely watched process in order to prevent damage on the dikes between the basins. It is expected that the filling of the basins will take up to a week to complete while the basins are built in an unprecedented scale in Northern Europe.

We have been working on the basins for more than two years, so naturally, we have been looking forward to the day we would begin filling them with water. It is always exciting when you do something for the first time and the basins have a key role to play in the larger scale of the project. “Their size alone makes this a spectacular day at the building site,” says Anders Wede, Construction Manager at Femern A/S

Read more about the filling of the basins here.

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